Career Counselors Equip Students for Interviews

In today’s job market, Career Counselors need to provide students with modern tools to ace their upcoming interviews. Give your students access to InterviewAI, a platform that helps students navigate interview questions using today’s modern AI technology. Interview questions and scoring are personalized based on job title and the student responses.

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Supercharge Your Graduating Student Interview Prep

InterviewAI has helped thousands of people land jobs and is tailored for those who need to become familiar with the interview process. It provides confidence by offering immediate feedback and personalized guidance on how to answer each question.

Improved Interview Outcomes
Our advanced AI interview coaching provides students with all the tools needed to make it through the interview process and get more jobs offers.

Competitive Edge
Stay ahead of the competitive pool of candidates by maximizing interview success with AI-powered insights and guidance.

Real-time AI-Generated Questions
InterviewAI generates tailored interview questions in real-time, ensuring they are relevant to the job category and position selected.

AI-Generated Follow-Up Questions
InterviewAI generates smart follow-up questions based on a candidate's responses, helping you dig deeper and uncover valuable insights.

Candidate Mock Interviews
Candidates can use InterviewAI for enhanced interview practice, improving their interview skills and boosting their confidence.

Automated Practice Scoring
InterviewAI offers automated scoring of candidate practice responses, providing instant feedback on performance..

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Find out how InterviewAI can help your students prepare for interviews and get job offers using today’s modern technology.

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